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Justin C. Williams Laser Enthusiast Reviews Scopely’s Online Wheel of Fortune Game

America’s favorite game show is back, and this time it’s in the form of an online game.  Played either on tablet or mobile phone, this award-winning TV show’s online counterpart is a popular one with over 30 million games being played every month.  Here, Justin C. Williams laser enthusiast talks about Scopely’s online Wheel of Fortune game that is taking the gaming world by storm.

“Wheel of Fortune is a wildly popular TV show,” begins Justin C. Williams laser enthusiast, “and the online game is just as popular.”  With millions of downloads, Scopely has designed the game so it looks like what you’d see on television, and it moves just as fast

Justin C. Williams laser enthusiast says for those that haven’t played it before, Wheel of Fortune is a word game in which each play involves yourself as one of three players who each take turns spinning a giant wheel.  As on the TV show, if your spin lands on a money area, you get to guess a letter.  Correct guesses get you another turn.  But just like the TV show, you can also land on Lose A Turn or Bankrupt.  Not all is lost, says Justin C. Williams laser enthusiast, since the other “contestants” move very quickly, allowing you another turn relatively quickly.  There’s even a button you can use to bypass watching the other contestants spin results if you just want to get back to spinning and guessing.

Justin C. Williams laser enthusiast says in addition to fictitious cash prizes, you can also win pretend prizes like trips and electronics as well as a new car and the ever-elusive million dollars — all fake of course.  The fun is in solving the puzzle on the screen before anybody else, he adds. 

Some of the downsides to the game are the sound effects, Justin C. Williams laser enthusiast says.  You hear the host’s voice saying the same few phrases over and over, and it gets old after a while.  There’s also the audience cheering you on during every spin which gets irritating after just a few minutes. 

Then there’s the fact you only get five tickets every half hour.  Of course, if you want to play longer or can’t wait until the next set of tickets is awarded, you can always purchase more.  In the bonus rounds, Justin C. Williams laser enthusiast says, sometimes the phrases are simply ridiculous.  “It seems like they’re running out of phrases to use, so they start using anything,” he adds.

“One of the fun parts is you can play online with real people,” Justin C. Williams laser enthusiast says.  If you want even more excitement, you can sign up for special tournaments as the background “moves” from city to city, and the stakes get higher.  “I still haven’t figured out what to do with the ‘prizes,’ but it’s still fun playing,” he says.

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