Justin Williams Laser

About Me

Justin Williams Laser of Park City, Utah, is an exacting professional who has always made it his goal to follow all the way through with every project he becomes passionate about. After working as an administrative assistant in the construction industry for fourteen years, Justin Williams Laser decided to take a series of classes in coding. After two years of hard work, Justin Williams Laser began coding his first video game. 


As one of his favorite hobbies, Justin Williams Laser is a big fan of nearly every video game he’s able to find the time to play and is constantly looking for the next big thing to “wow” him. When he’s not playing and reviewing video games, Justin Williams Laser loves kayaking, watching movies, and working out. 

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  • Age 29
  • Residence USA
  • Address Los Angeles, USA
  • e-mail email@example.com
  • Phone +0123 123 456 789
  • Freelance Available